Move forward in your life.

Proactive Coaching is there to walk with you through your life events and to assist you in making sense of your thoughts and feelings.

The tools to take control.

Proactive Coaching can help you understand and take control, and can give you the right tools to navigate through troubling events.

Train your brain to succeed.

Proactive Coaching offers group training and short workshops in a number of areas to help people improve the quality of their life.

  • Welcome to Proactive Coaching

    Counselling is about feeling heard and supportive as you explore your options in
    dealing with issues and developing strategies to move forward in your life. Learn more.
  • Counselling Services

    Proactive Coaching offers services in
    Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem,
    Relationships and many more.

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  • Our Psychologists

    With well over 40 years combined
    experience, our Psychologists assist
    clients with a range of strategies.

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  • Articles and Resources

    Find further, detailed information on
    many psychology-related topics that
    aim to provide further assistance.

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