Counselling Fees

At Proactive Coaching we try to keep our fees to a realistic and practical amount. We are here to assist individuals and the community and don’t want financial restraints preventing people seeking help. If you would like to arrange a consultation, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

All sessions run for approximately 50 minutes and most clients see us under a Mental Health Care Plan developed by their Doctors. Under a Mental Health Care Plan the “out of pocket” expense to the client is $45.00 as the rest of the fee is paid by Medicare.

Private Patients

If you see us as a private client the fee is $130.00. Private clients are mainly people who believe they only need one or two visits as they are struggling with a specific issue and just want to talk about the issues and find direction.

People with Private Health Cover may be entitled to a rebate on sessions if their private health fund covers counselling.

Group Programs

Fees may vary depending on if the client is covered under Medicare or not. Group sessions run for approximately 2 hours per session and the cost to the individual does range between $20.00 to $40.00 per session.


Most workshops are either run as a one day workshop (6 hours) or a two session workshop (8 hours). The fee for workshops is usually between $150.00 and $200.00 depending on the type and form.

Company Training

For Company Training and Business Improvement Programs, the training/program is tailored to the business needs and thus a full quote can be given on your business specific requirements.