Our Psychologists

With well over 40 years combined experience, our Psychologists are highly trained professionals whom are able to assist clients with a range of strategies and solutions for dealing with any life event, past or present.

Lindsay Trims – (Principal Psychologist)

Lindsay Trims Lindsay has been registered for 20 years and specialises in assisting people who are having grief, relationship, self-esteem, anxiety and depressive issues. Lindsay employs a number of psychological techniques to assist the client in moving through the issues that has brought them to him. Lindsay has been a past chair person of the Brisbane Branch of the Australian Psychological Society.
Lindsay has presented a number of one day workshops to the general public in the areas of self confidence, conflict management and public speaking.

Caitlin Galloway – B.SC (Psychology) ANU, Grad Dip Applied Psych Counselling UCAN

Caitlin Galloway Caitlin has extensive experience as a psychologist working in counselling, co-facilitating workshops and providing organisational specialist advice. She has a passion for mental health education and promotion. Through counselling she aims to empower individuals with more adaptive strategies to manage their mental health whether that be by adopting a more realistic yet compassionate attitude or adapting to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Caitlin is motivated to work closely with the individuals to respond proactively to life’s challenges and to achieve their personal goals and maintain a sense of positive wellbeing.