Our Psychologists

With well over 60 years combined experience, our Psychologists are highly trained professionals whom are able to assist clients with a range of strategies and solutions for dealing with any life event, past or present.

Lindsay Trims – (Principal Psychologist)

Lindsay Trims Lindsay has been registered for 20 years and specialises in assisting people who are having grief, relationship, self-esteem, anxiety and depressive issues. Lindsay employs a number of psychological techniques to assist the client in moving through the issues that has brought them to him. Lindsay has been a past chair person of the Brisbane Branch of the Australian Psychological Society.
Lindsay has presented a number of one day workshops to the general public in the areas of self confidence, conflict management and public speaking.

Michelle Carroll-Walden – (Psychologist)

Michelle Carroll-Walden Michelle is a highly skilled senior psychologist who is passionate about providing quality service to young people and children. Michelle has eight years clinical experience and has developed a high level of expertise in providing clinical services to people with a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and grief. Michelle is also able to apply her clinical skills to work with people with varying levels of intellectual disability and complex behavioural support needs.
Michelle has a special interest in Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Ashlin Maharaj – B.SC (Psychol) Hons. (Psychologist)

Ashlin Maharaj Ashlin is a registered Psychologist with experience in the disability field working with people with Autism and Intellectual Disability. She is also an experienced ABA therapist and Youth Worker working with high functioning children with Autism, and children and adolescents living in transitional living arrangements (residential homes, foster homes, shelters), at risk of homelessness and experiencing anger management issues, bullying and low self-esteem. Ashlin is passionate about using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with individuals and couples, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with adults and adolescents experiencing depression and anxiety. Ashlin speaks Hindi (Fijian-Hindi dialect) and is able to work with international students.

Caitlin Galloway – B.SC (Psychology) ANU, Grad Dip Applied Psych Counselling UCAN

Caitlin Galloway Caitlin has extensive experience as a psychologist working in counselling, co-facilitating workshops and providing organisational specialist advice. She has a passion for mental health education and promotion. Through counselling she aims to empower individuals with more adaptive strategies to manage their mental health whether that be by adopting a more realistic yet compassionate attitude or adapting to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Caitlin is motivated to work closely with the individuals to respond proactively to life’s challenges and to achieve their personal goals and maintain a sense of positive wellbeing.

Amanda Bryen – BBPsych (Hons); MPsych (Clinical); MAPS (Clinical Psychologist)

Amanda Bryen Amanda Bryen, Clinical Psychologist, aims to provide her clients with a respectful, compassionate, and kind listening ear to support them when they are at their most vulnerable.  Amanda believes that counselling with empathy, understanding and sensitivity can help people through life’s difficult challenges.  Amanda works from a person-centred approach whereby she flexibly tailors the treatment approach to the individual client situation. Amanda’s interpersonal and rapport-building skills are excellent and she likes to counsel using a teaching/coaching style. Amanda works collaboratively alongside her clients to provide new ways of thinking and behavioural skills that can help improve self-understanding and self-management.